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Adding Additional Properties to Resource Mailboxes – Exchange 2010

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Create a new Resource Mailbox by using the Exchange Management Console. Right click the new resource mailbox and choose properties. On the Resource General tab, notice there are not any custom properties. 

To add custom properties, open the Exchange Management Shell. We will be adding properties for the following custom entries.

Custom Room Properties AV, TV, Whiteboard, Projector, and WIFI                                          

Custom Equipment Properties Car, Van

$ResourceConfiguration = Get-ResourceConfig




Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema $ResourceConfiguration.ResourcePropertySchema


Go back to the Exchange Management Console and the properties of the conference room that was created earlier. On the Resource General tab click the add button.

Select the appropriate properties for this resource.

Click OK.

Users can now see these properties in the Address Book when they are booking the resource for their meetings. Make sure to select ALL Rooms from the drop down list.


Written by Zach Butler

March 17, 2010 at 2:39 am

Posted in Exchange 2010

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