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Exchange 2010 Modify Details Template to Include Custom Resource Properties

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After creating the Custom Resource Mailbox Properties that I showed in a previous blog, users need to open the address book and select the All Rooms address list, scroll to the right to find the description. There they will be able to see the custom resources of the conference room or piece of equipment.

Another option that may make it easier on your users is to create a custom details template from Exchange 2010. To do that we need to open the Toolbox on the bottom of the Exchange Management Console.


Open the Details Template Editor.




Locate the language of your users (English)and open the User Template Type




On the Edit drop down menu select Add Tab.




In the Appearance | Text section, type the name you want to use for the new tab (Resource Properties).




Drag the Label option to where you want to display it on the new Tab. In the Appearance | Text section type the text you want to use for the Label (Resource Mailbox Properties)




Drag the Edit option next to the label you created. In the Misc | Attribute Name field, type the following ms-Exch-Resource-Display


Open Outlook 2007, open the Address Book, find the Conference Room created earlier with added Custom Resource Properties, Right click and choose properties. The new tab with the appropriate Resource Mailbox Properties should be listed.


Written by Zach Butler

March 17, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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